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Hey, I'm Imran ul Haq

I’m a UK based Web Developer with Awesome Design Chops…
I’ve been Building Websites since Yahoo! was still Cool!


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Mia's Italian Kitchen

Ada's on the River

Vola's Dockside Grill

Mc Kissock Learning

Turbo Air

Sam's Famous Salsa

Real Estate Express

Bean Media Production

Fourell Networks


Willen Consulting

Trepics Real Estate

Zipline ECO Adventures



R.H Moore & Associates

Fortified Roofing

Microdosing Mindfulness

Dr.Tshidi Gardner

Reversing Disease

Apex Futures


Converting an idea into a right type of design is a special skill of mine. I’ve created my own idea-to-design process to develop eye-catching, stylish and modern designs.


This is where I walk the walk! I can single
handedly convert any PSD design into a
fully functional HTML5 or PHP based


They say go big or go home? I say get it right or go home! 97% complete is incomplete. If the project doesn’t meet ALL of the requirements, then the project is not yet done.

Top rated freelancer on various freelance platforms

Check out what my clients says about me!

What My Client Says

Muhammad’s communication throughout the whole project was exceptional. He completed tasks efficiently and was always available to discuss changes or progress. I highly recommend.


What My Client Says

Imran went above and beyond on this job! He worked diligently, quickly, and I truly felt like he was working on this project like it was one of his own. He took great care and responsibility to get to the root of the problems and help alleviate.


What My Client Says

“Imran came through for me again! My favorite freelancer to use. Extremely prompt, thorough, and explains the issue and the solution really well! Thank you Imran again.”


What My Client Says

My experience working with Muhammed was excellent! He really did a superb job! From start to finish everything went very smoothly. He redesigned my website and added new plug-ins and features, and he re-did my logo He is very easygoing and communicates with me often, everything was done on schedule. I can’t say anything negative about the work he did. I will definitely use him again and I highly recommend him to anyone who is looking for a professional on Upwork.


Fast, Reliable & Cost-Effective

Struggling to find a reliable, cost-effective solution for your day-to-day website problems? Website maintenance should not cost you an arm and leg. And I know just how to fix your problem. My priority is to ensure your website is fast-functioning, secure and regularly updated to avoid all types of bugs and errors. I use top-of-the-line software and tools to tweak your website, making sure it is bringing you the results that you seek - without any pesky downtimes or crashes.
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